What is Osteopathy?

טיפול אוסטאופתי כאבי גבOsteopathy is a primary health care profession, specialising in the manual treatment of joint and muscle problems. The osteopath provides hands-on treatment using manual techniques to release tight muscles, stretch ligaments and joint capsules, and mobilise joints. Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment which emphasises methods of recognising and alleviating structural and mechanical problems of the body.

Patients of the Israel Center for Osteopathy Talk About Osteopathy
(All videos are in Hebrew)

Dan 38 yrs old: Prolaped Disc

(Hebrew) Dan suffered a prolapsed disc which produced sciatica in his leg. Osteopathy prevented him needing an operation.

Torticollis in a Baby

Baby 2 months old came to the center for osteopathy suffering with torticollis. A significant difference was seen after the first treatment. The problem was solved after 4 osteopathic treatments

Aviva 80 yrs old with spinal stenosis

(Hebrew) Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal giving sciatica (acute pain down the leg) that drastically effected her walking. Drs told her she had to have an operation. After 4 osteopathic treatments she was able to walk unassisted.

Maggie rotator cuff syndrome

(Hebrew) Maggie 69 describes how osteopathy treated her rotator cuff syndrome and enabled her to regain normal range of movement

The goal of the osteopath is to provide a comprehensive patient assessment and thereby discover thepain causing factors. An osteopathic evaluation looks for biomechanical, orthopaedic, and postural dysfunction in the body.

The success of osteopathy lies in its ability to assess and treat the dysfunctions found. In order to correct the problem, the osteopath may need to treat areas other than just the painful ones.

What techniques do osteopaths use to treat patients?

An osteopath has a wide variety of manual techniques at their disposal. The most commonly known technique involves joint manipulation. This is a safe and very gentle technique. Other techniques include positional release techniques, which involve a tender tissue being placed in a position of ease to allow pain reduction and improve tissue function; muscle energy techniques involving actively contracting a muscle against resistance, stretching and direct soft tissue techniques akin to massage. Some osteopaths may use gentle cranio-sacral treatment, which is a specialized form of osteopathic treatment. Osteopaths will take care to assure the most appropriate treatment is applied for the patient’s specific condition.

Having thorough knowledge of the basic medical sciences in addition to having undergone extensive clinical training, the osteopath is equipped to make a specific evaluation and treatment plan.

Through his skill of palpation (highly developed sense of touch) and precision of treatment application the osteopath is successful in relieving joint related pain.


Example of Osteopathic Treatment

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