Back Pain during Pregnancy

Osteopathy is an effective non-invasive (non-drug) treatment for joint pain during pregnancy

Osteopathic treatment through pregnancy is a wonderfully gentle way of helping the body adapt to the changes which are taking place. The safety of mother and baby is the osteopath’s first concern. At a time when medication is not recommended, the osteopathic hands-on treatment provides the answer to many women’s back pain.

After a thorough assessment, osteopathic treatment may help to relieve the aches and pains caused by growth in size of the baby and the accommodation of the mother’s body to this. The osteopath employs a variety of gentle techniques to ease supporting muscles and ligaments.

Osteopathic treatment decreases the inflammation of ligaments and muscles that can cause pain during pregnancy. The osteopath gently improves mobility of the spine. This can be done successfully by soft-tissue massage, gentle articulation and mobilization of the joints of the spine and stretching of the muscles in spasm surrounding the spine.

Osteopathic treatment enables the patient to get back on their feet quickly. The gentle manual treatment provided by the osteopath reduces the muscle spasm, inflammation, and nerve pressure, the primary pain producers.

Don’t suffer back pain and sciatica during pregnancy.

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