Osteopathic Treatment

Often it is the swelling of tissues of the body that causes pain. This can even cause pressure on the nerves. The osteopath reduces the inflammation of these tissues with a variety of treatment methods, ranging from massage of soft tissues to manipulation and movement of joints.

The osteopathic treatment helps the damaged tissues to heal by reducing muscle spasm and increase mobility of the joints.

In the UK over 5,000,000 patients are treated by osteopaths, a year. Pain control is an important part of treatment and osteopaths give guidance on simple self-help methods to use at home.

Treatment is aimed to reduce pain, discomfort and allow relief from your symptoms. There are times when it is wise for you to take medication as well as receiving osteopathic treatment. Osteopaths will work in close co-operation with your doctor. The skilled techniques of osteopathy can allow you a speedy return to work.

Palpation: The Osteopathic Skill

Palpation is central to osteopathic diagnosis. Palpation is the Osteopaths ability to feel and sense the state of the soft tissues under the osteopath’s fingers that enables him to decide where and how to treat. This palpatory skill is developed over many years.Shanan Sher Osteopath The palpatory assessment of the osteopath involves assessing the active and passive motion of the joints under examination. This ability to detect passive motion, provides the Osteopath with the capability of focussing his treatment on restricted areas. With experience Osteopaths learn to palpate not just superficially but also very deeply within the body. This sensory information is received through the Osteopath’s fingertips and palms.

It is this sensing of the quality of the tissues and their position and mobility, that allows the Osteopath to determine the tissues that need immediate attention.


Example of Osteopathic Technique


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