What to expect when you see an osteopath

Sheera Epstein OsteopathAt the first consultation with an osteopath a full medical history will be recorded. The osteopath will start by asking about the pain you are experiencing, its location and history. He will then take a general medical history to ascertain that you are safe to treat. This will involve asking you about your previous illnesses, operations and accidents and any associated symptoms you maybe experiencing.

Once the osteopath has taken the history he will proceed to examine you. You will need to remove some of your clothes. He will perform osteopathic examinations, assessing your posture.

The history and examinations enable the osteopath to arrive at an osteopathic evaluation and a suitable treatment plan. This treatment plan will be tailor-made to your specific personality and lifestyle.

The area of pain may not be the only area treated. The osteopath will also treat surrounding areas he feels are not functioning (working) well and play a role in causing your pain.

The aim of osteopathic evaluation enables the osteopath to treat the cause, not just the symptoms of your problem, thereby returning you to normal pain free daily functioning.

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